Why Hire a Doula?

The typical birth happens in a hospital surrounded by family members, nursing staff, and your attending doctor. However, the hospital staff have several patients they must tend to and your family likely isn’t equipped with the knowledge needed to help make your labor easier or more serene. For this reason, a doula is recommended for expecting mothers.


What’s A Doula?

A doula is an individual that helps women in labor have their child. A doula has several roles, such as therapist, friend, and even DJ. They encourage strength and let the mother know that she can keep going and have a healthy, beautiful child. These professionals go through rigorous training in order to assist during live births and support mothers during their labor. Having a doula on your team is beneficial, as they provide several services that your doctor cannot.

Only You

Doulas provide support during births while your doctors and nursing staff handle the medical side of things. While the staff in the hospital may have other patients, your doula is focused on you the entire time. A doula can even help after the birth, making sure that you are getting enough rest and recovering from labor well.

Decreased Birth Risks

Doulas can improve your labor experience dramatically, even reducing the amount of time spent in labor. Patients with doulas also receive less C-sections, epidurals, and other medical interventions that alter the natural process of birth. Mothers have even reported having better experiences and being more satisfied with their doula present.

A doula is a one of a kind professional that can transform your experience with labor, decreasing the risk of problems and providing support the entire duration of your labor and even afterwards. Consider adding a doula to your birth plan and you’ll likely be happy you did.